Elder Mod

Hello everyone, I'm Fire, but most people call me either Firee, or Fire (and more but no ._.). I'm a Bot Developer (that owns a bunch of bots [30+]), a Web Developer and a (Potentially) Game Developer. I also am the one who speaks English good but bad french xd. I'm also the new owner of ClarifyGDPS, and hope to help with the server and produce updates! (I have also helped with some of the stuff for ClarifyGDPS, like #-mod-sends- and #-helper-sends-, and the badges, I also helped with some other Staff related stuff on the ClarifyGDPS.) I work for projects like GDLevels (bot), RUSHCUBE (game), and work on other projects. RUSHCUBE is also one of the first (actual) games I'm actually working on, since I haven't worked on making games, and Jouca is the director of it. During my free time (apart coding and other stuff), I play games like Geometry Dash, Minecraft, jstris, and more. There are some more stuff about me but then this message will be longer.