Q: What is ClarifyGDPS?

A: ClarifyGDPS is a Geometry Dash Private Server in which you can get your levels rated easily! Owned by Jouca.

Q: Why did you create this Geometry Dash Private Server?

A: I created this GDPS because I want to create a second experience and a new project with some developers!

Q: Which devices are supported on this GDPS?

A: Android and Computer (iOS later if we can).

Q: Where I can find the download links?

A: You can find the download links on the home of the website and also on the Discord Server in the channel #links.

Q: What is a MOD and a ELDER MOD?

A: MOD and ELDER MOD can send levels to admins with the rate power. However, we are seeing if we can add some perks for the ELDER MODS hehe.

Q: How I can get HELPER?

A: You'll need to be active on the Discord Server and/or in the GDPS (Comments, levels, ect...). It's possible you can be ranked if some admins are agree with your rankup

Q: How I can get MOD or ELDER MOD?

A: You can have this role if you were a helper, and if the staff wants to rank you!

Q: How to reupload my GD Levels to ClarifyGDPS ?

A: You can reupload your levels by finding the link in the discord server in the channel #links.

Q: What is the rate system of this GDPS?

A: Rate system :

UNRATED : Free injures in the level which aren't allowed by the player who is injured, levels which are less than 30s long, and stolen levels (proofs are required)

RATED : shitty levels, layouts, decorations 1.0 like (but if the gameplay/deco is well done, the level can be featured), easier or auto version of levels.

FEATURED : acceptable decoration, and pretty good gameplay.

EPIC : must be deserved (must have reaction times, spam is allowed if it is not excessive and match with the level), good and original or well done decoration.

LEGENDARY (if 2.2 out) : "perfect" level (must really deserve it, original and fun gameplay, (if spam, it must be logic and short)) as a reminder, a sync gameplay isn't always a good gameplay.